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I Machines
1) Drawbench
2) Stranding machine
3) Oiling machine
4) Thermostat
5) Cutting machine
6) Oven
7) Others
II Fiber Glass
1) Winding roving
2) Pultrusion roving
3) Bulked roving
4) SMC roving
5) Mat
6) Yarn
7) Others

Fiberglass Yarn

Fiberglass Yarn

C-glass or E-glass twisted yarn is characterized by its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low moisture absorption properties. There are different directions of twist, plies and linear density yarns with different shaped bobbins and roll weight including milk bottle shaped plastic bobbins, large paper bobbins and small paper bobbins.

1, Fiberglass yarn uses glass yarn ball as the raw material.
2, It has the properties of insulation, fireproof and softness.
3, It is a necessary raw material of all kinds of fireproof and insulation products.
4, Specifications: 33tex, 68tex, 150tex, 300tex
5, Twists and diameters of filament depend on customers' requirements.

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