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Jining Weile Technology product
I Machines
1) Drawbench
2) Stranding machine
3) Oiling machine
4) Thermostat
5) Cutting machine
6) Oven
7) Others
II Fiber Glass
1) Winding roving
2) Pultrusion roving
3) Bulked roving
4) SMC roving
5) Mat
6) Yarn
7) Others
Add:Chezhannanlu, Jining, Shandong, 272000, China.
TEL: 0086-537-2168813;
FAX: 0086-537-3920757.
Mobile: 0086-1596 537 0839; 1358 379 6515.
E-mail: bxqicai@163.com
MSN: zgbxsb@hotmail.com,
SKYPE: cc7906
Jining Weile Technology about us

    Jining Weile Technology Co.,Ltd ( Jining Weile Fiber Glass Machine Factory ) was founded in 1997, located in Southwest of Shandong province with beautiful environment, convenient communication and favorable geographical position.
    The company is a modern enterprise that is engaged in scientific research, production and management of fiberglass machine. We regard advanced technology, scientific management, modernized management and perfect after-sales service as the foundation of our business. Our principle is “Quality first, Customer foremost and Profit Sharing”. Our business motto is Reasonable scheme, Finest service, Perfect technics and Having you had your own business. We are always ready to provide our customers with best product & service, the most elaborate planned budget and plant design. We hope that our products and service can bring our customers remarkable profits & become the cornerstone of your wealth.
    The company mainly provides: complete set of fiberglass equipment, tools, accessories, resin, various fiberglass yarns & fiberglass cloth, technical advisory, information of supply and demand, equipment installation, technical training and so on. We also can offer the following services: designing and machining of non-standard equipments with special specifications and performance; designing and construction of Drawing Furnace Platform; purchasing platinum and rhodium crucible plate on customers’ behalf; supplying assorted resins, such as SR-1 size, fixing agent, argil crucible; supplying various types of weaving machines (new and old) and accessories; debugging and operating equipment, training maintenance man; technical advisory business. We could be commissioned to technology transfer, intermediary business and project research, demonstration, evaluation, plant design business.
    We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company.

Jining Weile Technology Product

Drawbench WL80A

Drawbench WL80B

Drawbench WL18

Drawbench WL0801

Stranding machine WL901

Stranding machine WL4D

Stranding machine WL2D

Stranding machine WL1D

Oil machine I

Oiling groove

Thermostat WLT01

Thermostat WLT02

Resin 01

Resin 02


C Glass marble

Winding displacement bow

Winding displacement box

Accessories 01

Accessories 02

Winding roving

Pultrusion roving

Fiberglass Yarn

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass protofilament

Fiberglass protofilament
TEL: 0086-537-2168813;       FAX: 0086-537-3920757.     Mobile: 0086-1596 537 0839; 1358 379 6515.

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